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For the independent representation Jersey City so desperately needs and deserves.

Who Is 

Frank Gilmore

Frank Gilmore is a coach, a mentor, an activist, an advocate,  a father, husband and friend to many. Having grown up in Jersey City’s Ward F, Frank has seen his share of struggles but through hard work and determination, he has overcome all obstacles thrown his way. It’s about time to move Ward F, ForWard and Frank’s is just the person needed to do it. 

“Knowledge held in its origins is usesless.”

Frank Gilmore - For Councilmen

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The Peoples 
Forward F

01. Affordable Housing

This means more inclusionary housing for Jersey City residents as well as affordable homeownership programs

02. Year round Recreation

Some of my objectives include all year job readiness programs for teens and young adults to promote financially literacy 

03. Consistent Public Safety

Public Safety is extremely important I will work with increase police accountability and transparency 

04. City Budget Oversight

It is important for a city like Jersey City to review and pass a fiscally responsible budget that accounts for the needs of all of Jersey City residents. 

05. Property Tax Burden Relief

Over the next few years, we can anticipate tax increases, this will lead to uncomfortable conversations, I vow to speak on behalf of ward F and not special interest groups. 

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The best way to make change is to become the change you want to see in the world. Volunteering is our path forward ward, you can help us achieve our community goals helping out. 



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