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Political Agenda 

  • Affordable Housing/ Affordable Home Ownership Programs. 
  • Recreation all year round – Job readiness programs for adults and adolescents. 
  • Public Safety – Ensuring streets are operable in all areas of the community and illuminated; develop better relationships with the police. 
  • Reallocating  Funds -Review city budget.
  • Eliminating the Tax burden on residential homeowners. 

Independent Leadership You Can Trust! 

Frank ‘Educational’ Gilmore is a lifelong resident of Jersey City. Like many of our young people today, he grew up burdened by the socio-economic ills that disproportionately affect young Black, Latino, and poor inner-city youth. 

Gilmore lost both his parents by the age of 13, which contributed to bad decision-making and run-ins with the law. As a teenager, Frank was arrested several timesand was enlisted at multiple juvenile detention institutions, group homes, and residential programs.  By the age of nineteen, Frank was sentenced to one hundred and twenty months in state prison. After serving his debt to society, Gilmore decided to dedicate his life to inspiring Jersey City youth through recreation.  

 Frank believes in implementing Educational & Recreational programs that will benefit adults and adolescents. He is extremely passionate about the betterment of Jersey City residents. His tenet is, the overlooked and hard-working residents of Ward F deserve much more than what they have been receiving. 

Gilmore’s unapologetic love for his community and willingness to speak truth to power, regardless of circumstances or consequences is unlike anything seen on the Jersey City political landscape in decades. Ward F warrants genuine representation from someone who gets Ward F.  Frank understands the people, he will work persistently to uplift the community and provide beneficial resources to Ward F,  ‘Our Jersey City’. 

Frank ‘Educational’ Gilmore received his B.A. from Rutgers University in 2013. He later becomes the CEO and Founder of Educational Gilmore Community Learning Center on Monticello Ave. The same location in which he found himself in many unfortunate situations as a teen.  Frank is a passionate parent, dedicated coach, and beloved mentor.  He has worked with the City of Jersey City, maintaining positions in several divisions within the municipal.  

Frank’s vision for Jersey City is one that is inclusive of all its residents, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or social-economic status. He is a staunch opponent residents can count on to be an honest, and a true advocate for the people. Gilmore is interested in the struggle for equal justice, police brutality, food insecurity, and health and public safety issues. 

Fank Educational Gilmore has received local and national recognition from various news outlets including the Ellen DeDegeneres show for his outstanding mentorship and leadership in his community.   

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